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      "You don't mean me to think that you believe in ghosts?" asked Isola, deeply interested.You mean that you do not care for me? he asked, almost humbly.

      Esmeralda made no response, but left the hut.

      Lilias ought to have retreated and affected surprise, even if she did not feel itfor that is the proper mode of receiving such a stand-and-deliver style of proposalbut, being quite as much in love with him as a maiden ought to be, she looked straight into his ardent eyes, and said, with a little gasp:How innocent you are! she exclaimed. You ought to have said Yes at once! My dear child, Lord Trafford is the great catch. He has been most difficult, as the French say. It is a great triumph for you to have caught him so soon.

      She heard him pass through the Lilliputian hall, and down the garden path; heard the gate clang behind him, and at the sound a pang of pain shot through her.

      "I am happier than I have been for a long time," answered Isola, holding out her hand to him. "I am prepared for the end, let it come when it may."Why does this man write all this about me? inquired Esmeralda. Itsits as if I were aa circus!



      I am quite well, he said, with barely concealed impatience; and he proceeded to ask after Lady Grange and Lady Wyndover, and mutual friends. His manner, just pleasantly friendly, stung her. It would have been more endurable if he had been harsh or angry. Never treat a woman you have once loved with indifference; she will bear anything but that.[210] I knew when my husband ceased to swear at me that he had ceased to love me! says the heroine of one of the modern emotional comedies; and she speaks truly.


      Our client did all he could to separate the young people, but, I regret to say, that his well-meant efforts only resulted in a clandestine marriage.