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      She will hear it before you can get there, said Lilias. Itit will be in the evening papers.

      I have come to ask you to forgive me, Esmeralda, he said, to tell you that I love you, have loved you from the beginning. But do not be afraid. I know how easy it is to[344] kill love; that though you may have loved me, my cruelty to you may have slain that love outright.A moment after the question was put, he felt full of remorse.

      Hilary smiled again: "I saw you this morning in the office of the Committee of Public Safety, where I was giving my word that this friend of mine should leave the city within twenty-four hours." He introduced him: "Lieutenant Greenleaf, gentleman, United States Army. Fred, these are Messrs. Smellemout and Ketchem, a leading firm in the bottling business."

      He held out the letter. She recognized it in a moment. The blood surged to her face, her lips moved, she was on the point of crying out: It is true he loves me, but I never loved him; I have never spoken a word of love to him in all my life. It was of Lilias we were talking; it was for Liliasthe kiss. Then the recollection of Lady Ada flashed upon her; he had confessed that he loved her. Her pride rose like a tide and swept away all softer emotions.The two exchanged a brief admiring glance. "Oh, I'm all right with Constance," was the reply. "I'm cousin to 'Steve'!"

      "No such thing! Say, Fred, I'll tell you what Miss Anna's smile is like. It's as if you were trying--say in a telescope--for a focus, and at last all at once it comes and--there's your star!"

      "As if you ever looked at anything selfishly!" said a matron, and there was a patter of hands."Now, why so? I can't ever please her enough to be pleased with her. I'm too confounded frivolous! I love nonsense, doggon it, for its own sake! I love to get out under a sky like this and just reel and whoop in the pure joy of standing on a world that's whirling round!"


      The two mens hands trembled as they held the paper.


      "You can't have either of us without the other, Mr. Gibbs," playfully remarked Kincaid. The bull-drivers loomed out of the fog. Hilary leisurely rose and moved to draw a handkerchief.