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      "You wouldn't force her to confess?"But it was not a human noise. It began with a succession of deep-toned growls and grunts, and ended abruptly in a distinct bark.

      The first impressions an apprentice forms of the smith-shop as a department of an engineering establishment is that it is a black, sooty, dirty place, where a kind of rough unskilled labour is performeda department which does not demand much attention. How far this estimate is wrong will appear in after years, when experience has demonstrated the intricacies and difficulties of forging, and when he finds the skill in this department is more difficult to obtain, and costs more relatively than in any other. Forging as a branch of work requires, in fact, the highest skill, and is one where the operation continually depends upon the judgment of the workman, which neither power nor machines can to any extent supplant. Dirt, hard labour, and heat deter men from learning to forge, and create a preference for the finishing shop, which in most places makes a disproportion between the [102] number of smiths and finishers.

      "What do you think,--Camille?"Lalage thrust out his arm and grasped a silken shoulder.


      Leona nodded, the spirit of adventure was upon her now, it fired her blood. And there was something intoxicating about that maddening pace. Still, they could not go on at that speed for ever. Another half an hour at that speed and the petrol must give out. Balmayne was growing anxious.Gilbert Lawrence had put away his books and papers with the air of a man who means to take a holiday. He did not seem in the least surprised.



      "And you want to get home," Balmayne cried. "Pardon me. I will go and see if they are ready for you.""Gawd," he gasped, "it's a blooming ghost."


      He came at length, a little dapper man, with a slight hump between the shoulders, a nose slightly crooked on one side. He appeared to take his warm welcome quite as a matter of course, he discarded a pair of grey sude gloves, and called for a bottle of champagne.